Welcome to our homepage and smooth collies!


We got our first smooth collie 2004 and had our first litter 2006.We really love this breed, the smooth collie is an outgoing , curious, playful and most friendly caractar, always ready for fun stuff!
Our first smooth was Dandinas Millenium Gold(Ivanhoe litter) and 2006 Wilma,Cinnaberrys Hungry Heart (Disney and Shoe litter)came to us,also from Finland.
After our litter 2011 we took a brake, but now  we hope to continue our breeding with the same entusiasm as always

2018 we gave place for at little dream, and Donna came to stay with us, mother of our first sheltie litter.

Plans 2020
For now we just have our sheltie youngsters and time will tell what becomes of theese girls.
We also in very near future hope to welcome smooth girls in our family , the house is not complete without  smooth collies ;)